Creative Media + Social Media to Engage and Educate Young Voters

Who We Are

Educate Young Voters bridges entertainment and creative media to educate and engage Gen Z and Millennials- with a goal of promoting voter turnout!


Let's increase voter turnout!

Help us provide engaging content by contributing to our efforts to empower young voters to find their voice in our political system!

Previous Congressional Election Turnout

20.1 .9%
2014 Congressional Election
18-34 Year Old Vote
33.6 .4%
2018 Congressional Election
18-34 Year Old Vote
23 .0%
2022 Congressional Election
18-29 Year Old Vote

Our Story

Launched in late 2023, Educate Young Voters was created to address the needs in our community and across the country. We believe more must be done to increase voter turnout among young people! With such an important portion of the population largely absent from our political system, we are compelled to help young people gain the confidence and energy to use their voice. In doing so, we can create a culture of politically aware and active young people!

Through the use of Gen Z and Millennial oriented media, Educate Young Voters focuses on creating engaging ways to inform voters on the political process! EYV facilitates opportunities for young artists, locally and nationally! By engaging with our community to create media aimed at energizing the youth vote, we can increase excitement within the nation's young people to vote!

Using Media to Engage Young Voters​

Young voters across the country consistently have the lowest voter turnout rates of any age group. We believe that we can bridge this gap through the use of media to inform young voters on the political process and ensure they have access to the information they need to feel confident participating in elections. Utilizing fun, creative, and engaging media, it is possible to shrink the information gap that keeps so many young people from the polls. The rise of social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok create the perfect mediums for short, easily digestible informative media that can blend seamlessly into the user’s feed. Young people are already using their phones, EYV brings the information directly to their fingertips.

The political process is considered by young people as largely unexciting, however EYV aims to start rebranding elections as an event to get energized for like the Super Bowl, Oscars, or the Olympics rather than just part of going through the motions of adulthood. Using the platforms many young people are already on, we can create excitement for upcoming election cycles. Generating excitement to go to the polls will boost voter turnout and get young people more engaged in the electoral process!

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